The Delphi Calendar

Delphi Medical is extremely proud to introduce its new calendar for 2014 entitled ‘Light illuminates Shadow Defines’.

Working closely with the very talented Paul Hanson of Bad Kamra, a full service not-for-profit video production company, the project brought together a range of people from across the region with wide range of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and from differing socio-economic backgrounds and at varying stages of recovery from substance misuse issues.

Paul comments "the brief included looking at a diverse range of characters shot using a mix of high key and low key black and white and colour as appropriate. We wanted the images to be beautifully staged and framed with the addition of some simple props & settings, juxtaposition of subjects with props to introduce or suggest hope, pointing at new meaning and purpose. The inclusion of words and statements provided by the subjects was also important in the overall concept for the calendar.

We hope that we have managed to create something that is gritty, elegant, hopeful, beautifully staged and framed to introduce meaning and relevance and a positive message of recovery regardless of background.”

The creative process was then completed by digital marketing agency Fat Media who designed and produced the finished calendar. Delphi Medical’s sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to everyone involved in the project.

Delphi Medical is extremely grateful for the participation of all of the subjects who were kindly willing to share what recovery has meant for them.

We hope you enjoy watching the video below showing the behind the scenes details of the photo shoot and the stories of all those concerned.

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