About Us

Delphi Medical has an outstanding reputation for being one of the leading providers of recovery focused clinical drug and alcohol treatment. Our focus is on ensuring we provide excellent clinical provision as part of a recovery pathway which supports and facilitates our patients to engage in genuine recovery. 

We partner with the public, private and third sector in our delivery, bringing the required clinical expertise, governance and medical staff to meet and exceed the standards set by NHS bodies in the field of substance misuse treatment.

We understand the role social determinants of health have to play in the efficacy and ability of an individual and communities to ‘recover’ from addiction. Our model is based upon providing the best possible opportunities for individuals and communities to start well, live well and age well. People with addiction problems often lack social support and suffer from isolation which is compounded with a propensity to experience other negative health impact. Our role is to change that culture and increase the sense of self efficacy by supporting people to re-engage and establish positive norms and patterns of life.

Established in 2007, Delphi Medical’s founders saw that the nature of substance misuse treatment was changing from a primarily medical model to one of multi-agency working concentrating on providing services led by the needs of patients and together they created Delphi to provide an innovative new treatment service.

To that end they decided to streamline their services to be as efficient and proactive as possible, able to respond swiftly and safely to patients and partner agencies specifically in matters relating to prescribing and health. 

visible, responsive and dynamic organisation, we know that we cannot achieve our noble cause of taking people "from independence to freedom”‘ in isolation. We expect our staff to work in partnership, and for those partnerships to create change and provide an enhanced patient experience. We know that ‘no door is the wrong door’ and that by nurturing relationships both strategically and operationally, we can add value to the health and social care system. 

Our Values

We are a values based organisation, and have defined the culture of the organisation by implementing our values. We reference them in all decision making; from decisions about patient care through to strategic planning. We offer people centred services which are; 



We encourage creativity and are always looking for innovative ways of delivering treatment to improve its effectiveness - our use of Patients Know Best, Breaking Free online, delivering a service from a housing tenancy project, our Delphi Medical calendar, our GROW appraisal model

We understand that accountability is essential in healthcare and a crucial part of both personal and organisational responsibility - we have a robust clinical governance framework and we are proactive in our relationship with CQC to ensure two way dialogue so that we can ensure quality and safety at all times 

We believe our patients should be treated well and in a consistent way - our peer group for all prescribers ensures we discuss and challenge each other to retain our consistent approach whilst maintaining a patient centered focus

We believe accessibility is important and communication should be easy, you should be able to contact anyone within our organisation to ask questions and that this should be true for our patients as well - we offer open access provision - all patients can call in weekday to our services; our structure is relatively flat and our staff are able to approach any member of the Senior Management Team; we have an active staff forum for blogs, discussions etc.

We believe we should be people-centered and realise that in the cut and thrust of the pressures of daily work this takes effort and care - we meet regularly together to look at our provision; we talk to our patients both formally and informally to gain feedback; in Blackpool we are establishing a strategic service user group to direct our delivery. We have a strong ethos and culture around staff involvement, demonstrated through staff surveys, away days and the retention of experienced, skilled and committed staff.

We believe we should be sustainable as an organisation so that we have secure and happy staff, as well as minimising our impact on the environment – we have a dedicated business development function who oversee all new business opportunities; we are socially conscious about our suppliers and try to use Fairtrade products. 


For more information or to make an enquiry simply contact us on 01253 346720 or complete our email enquiry form.

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