Clinical Systems and Training

Delphi Medical has a commitment to share our clinical experience with others. We deliver effective clinical governance, clinical training and knowledge of proven clinical systems that work safely but do not obstruct delivery of the best patient care.

Our approach is innovative and creative as it provides a flexible and responsive quality driven service which is underpinned by a solid clinical governance framework.

We are proud of our robust clinical prescribing system which enables staff to manage the prescriptions safely and securely, whilst Medical Practitioners focus on delivering clinical sessions within community, criminal justice and prison establishments. The separation of clinical time from prescription management has been a unique aspect of the service and enables more time for patients, their key workers and doctors to concentrate on the patients specific goals and help them achieve them in the time allocated for this.

Delphi Medical are the first substance misuse service in the country to develop a partnership with Patients Know Best (PKB). PKB is an electronic patient-controlled record that is hosted within the NHS N3 network. It is designed for use by individuals, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Charities, Social Enterprises and other organisations involved in the care of patients, particularly those with complex, long-term conditions necessitating multidisciplinary care from a plurality of providers.

Through a web-based application, the PKB solution puts the patient in control of their health records and, by granting access to specific care providers, creates a single instance of the relevant care record. Such an approach helps improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.

Allowing patients to securely access their own health information and providing them with the ability to connect every health professional and carer together in one place enables them to take control of their own health. Key features include integration with other electronic medical records systems, online consultations, lab results, symptom tracking, interactive care plans, secure messaging with the ability to attach files (e.g. videos, pictures and documents of up to 20MB per file) between patient and professional, and between professional and professional.

Delphi Medical provide a range of training interventions for specialists working within the substance misuse field and are accredited providers of a number of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) training as follows:

  • RCGP Part 1 Alcohol
  • RCGP Part 1 Drug Misuse
  • RCGP Part 1 Secure Environments

We also provide specialist substance misuse training and will work closely with organisation to ensure courses are tailored to meet the needs of the target audience and cover a wide range of specialist and clinical programmes.

Delphi Medical provides specialist consultancy services to organisations within general practice on substance misuse, offering face-to-face consultancy, advice, information and support on a range of areas including clinical governance, prescribing and policy. Services can be tailored to meet specific requirements outlined by organisations.

For more information or to make an enquiry simply contact us on 01253 346720 or complete our email enquiry form.

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