Criminal Justice Treatment

Delphi Medical has proven delivery experience in providing targeted treatment for offenders with the aim of reducing reoffending rates. We actively work towards removing gaps in criminal justice treatment at all points. We improve routes for service users away from dependence, away from committing crime and away from any further time in custody.

We also have extensive experience in delivering high quality treatment services in the criminal justice system, providing clinical interventions, offering rapid access prescribing and drug testing for Prolific and Priority Offenders (PPOs).

We pride ourselves in bridging the gap between prison and the community and ensuring continuity of care for the patient whilst promoting the reduction of crime through medically assisted recovery.

Working closely with community agencies, Delphi ensures effective pre-release planning. Delphi's experience in delivering Integrated Drug Treatment Services allows the maximum opportunity to ensure there are no breaks in prescribed interventions upon release into the community.

Our focus is to ensure prescribed interventions are utilised alongside fully integrated package of care which is patient focused. Patients are encouraged to address their substance misuse problems and focus on rehabilitation and recovery, informing and developing their care plan as they progress.


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