Offender Health

Delphi Medical believes that effective offender health systems should have substance misuse at the core of services. We use our experience in primary care and substance misuse treatment to develop truly integrated services in partnership with all other agencies in prisons.

We have a wealth of experience in providing integrated drug and alcohol treatment services in a number of prison establishments throughout the North West and Midlands.

One of our primary drives has been to bridge the gaps between different services. In particular the transition between community criminal justice treatment and prison has traditionally been one of great upheaval and historically many clients have been lost to the service at these points. Delphi has made great strides in making these transitions simpler, continuing treatment more seamlessly and greatly reducing numbers falling out of treatment or failing to engage.

Delphi Medical's aim is to increase the pathways away from this grim ‘merry-go-round' towards detoxification, abstinence, housing and employment and to work closer with prison colleagues. We passionately believe the linkage of prison and community treatment is a fabulous opportunity to build a complete treatment service to serve the needs of all clients no matter where they lie on the journey to recovery.

Our expertise in delivering Offender Health services contributes to the reduction of reoffending behaviour, supports reintegration into the community and promotes close working with criminal justice and community services to ensure offenders receive seamless support and are retained in treatment after release.


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