Delphi Medical has an outstanding reputation for being one of the leading providers of recovery focused clinical drug and alcohol treatment. Our focus is on ensuring we provide excellent clinical provision as part of a recovery pathway which supports and facilitates our patients to engage in genuine recovery.

We partner with the public, private and third sector in our delivery, bringing the required clinical expertise, governance and medical staff to meet and exceed the standards set by NHS bodies in the field of substance misuse treatment.

We enjoy an excellent track record of forming and sustaining joint working relationships with local specialist NHS services, sexual health services, doctors, pharmacists and prison governors to ensure access to these services and thereby meeting the wider health needs of patients.

We have extensive experience in delivering shared care services and see primary care as part of a multi-faceted treatment journey. A journey designed to help deliver treatment equity for all hard to reach groups in society; to reduce the reliance on replacement prescribing; and to be part of a social movement towards putting recovery from dependence back into the community.

Working Partners


Acorn Recovery Projects provides a range of innovative drug and alcohol rehabilitation services across the North West, including reduction and motivation programmes, treatment programmes, combined treatment programmes, support accommodation, and social enterprise. Acorn Recovery Projects is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Calico Enterprise Limited creates sustainability through improved life skills, employability and wellbeing. Initiatives delivered by Calico Enterprise include: Calico Careers; Calico Interiors; and Floating Support. More than 3,000 people across the region have found work or further training opportunities through the life changing initiatives delivered by Calico Enterprise.


Delphi Medical are working closely with Jobs, Friends & Houses to improve health inequalities and outcomes in people living in low quality rented conditions in Blackpool.

This project is an extension of work ongoing in Blackpool as part of a successful partnership between Delphi Medical and Jobs, Friends, Houses (CIC).

The population of Blackpool experiences poorer health/lower life expectancy than much of the rest of the country - seen across a range of health indicators including the prevalence of chronic conditions, hospital admissions for self-harm and alcohol related harm, and early deaths from heart disease and cancer.

The most recent public health annual report indicated that the causes of shorter life expectancy and major causes of early deaths were:

  • higher levels of harmful drinking and drug use
  • smoking
  • unhealthy diets and excess weight, and
  • inactive and sedentary lifestyles

Jobs, Friends and Houses have developed a unique lettings agency with an outreach tenancy support offer with wrap around support for people living in privately rented properties who will generally be claimants of benefits. Growing evidence indicates that people living in unsatisfactory housing in the Borough tend to experience the most marginalisation/isolation, compounding poor health expected outcomes. We will proactively work with those people whose properties are managed by the lettings agency to improve health outcomes across lifestyle factors.

The objectives of the project are to:-

  • improve health outcomes across the public health outcomes framework
  • improve immunisation and vaccination rates among key target populations, including vulnerable groups (infants, children, elderly, those at increased risk of infection)
  • reduce attendances at A&E and unscheduled care facilities
  • provide a robust health and wellbeing offer to residents living in rental housing
  • provide a comprehensive, wrap around service to people who traditionally do not access health services in the Borough

Steve Hodgkins, CEO of JFH, said: "We are delighted to be able to add another string to our bow in JFH Lettings to help improve health outcomes for tenants, through this partnership with Delphi.

"We know that being happy and healthy is the bedrock to a good lifestyle so being able to further support people improve their health and wellbeing is great.

"Liz is an ideal addition to our team; she is knowledgable, personable, professional and good fun too.”


Breaking Free Online s an online treatment and recovery programme that allows people to resolve the psychological and lifestyle issues that drive their use of alcohol or drugs, and so conquer their dependence once and for all. Delphi is working closely with Breaking Free to incorporate their program of computer supported therapy more directly alongside prescribed treatments.

Patients Know Best

Delphi is the first substance misuse service in the country to develop a partnership with Patients Know Best (PKB). PKB is an electronic patient-controlled record that is hosted within the NHS N3 network. It is designed for use by individuals, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Charities, Social Enterprises and other organisations involved in the care of patients, particularly those with complex, long-term conditions necessitating multidisciplinary care from a plurality of providers.

Through a web-based application, the PKB solution puts the patient in control of their health records and, by granting access to specific care providers, creates a single instance of the relevant care record. Such an approach helps improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.

Allowing patients to securely access their own health information and providing them with the ability to connect every health professional and carer together in one place enables them to take control of their own health. Key features include integration with other electronic medical records systems, online consultations, lab results, symptom tracking, interactive care plans, secure messaging with the ability to attach files (e.g. videos, pictures and documents of up to 20MB per file) between patient and professional, and between professional and professional.


Lancashire User Forum (LUF) is a forum for those in recovery from addiction to alcohol and substance misuse, their families and others affected by their addiction. (The Recovery Community)

Lancashire User Forum is a voice for the recovery community in Lancashire. The forum provides an opportunity for the community to come together and discuss issues relevant to addiction and recovery, influencing agencies and commissioners that deliver services around these areas. It is also a chance for services to inform the recovery community of new developments, services and the direction of travel for recovery in Lancashire.

The forum meets every 6 weeks and is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with others in recovery, develop ideas around supporting the recovery community and make a difference to the way services are delivered.

To become involved in LUF please contact the Chair Person - Darren Walters on 07742 596187


Red Rose Recovery is a service user led project, working with people from the recovery community. This includes people in recovery from addiction to alcohol and substance misuse, their families and others affected. The project's aim is to provide opportunities for people to build sustainable recovery in community based settings through. Participation through forums, peer support groups and social events, including the Lancashire User Forum. Taking part in positive activities with the recovery community, families and wider community. Taking up volunteering opportunities in community based organisations.

Taking part in education and training for personal development. Reducing the stigma around addiction and those in the recovery community.

Red Rose Recovery focuses on the asset, skills and gifts of the recovery community, rather than their needs, and looks to build on these, reinforcing their own personal strength and experience. The project works across Lancashire, with staff covering local areas.

Other organisations

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For more information or to make an enquiry simply contact us on 01524 68295 or complete our email enquiry form.

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