Founded on the principal of providing robust clinical governance and clinical prescribing to all of our projects, Delphi has been proud to be a part of many leading and innovative projects.

Our current and previous projects cover both community and prisons, as well as reaching across a number of geographical areas. Each area showcases expertise in particular projects and topics:

 Services in the Prison Estate

 HMP Manchester and Buckley Hall Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service

We have been commissioned to provide this service by Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust from September 2016. We are proud to have been chosen to provide the clinical and psycho social treatment within these two establishments in partnership with Acorn Recovery Projects.

The service will be based on the recommendations within Lord Patel’s Report to provide a balanced treatment system with a focus on recovery that ensures that individuals get access to the types of treatment that are appropriate to their changing needs and circumstances and which will meet recovery focused outcomes. The service will ensure that all offenders – irrespective of race, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief – will secure the same access to health and social care services, appropriate to their needs and in line with standards set for the rest of the population.




Services in the Community

Blackpool Clinical Interventions Service for Adults and Young People

We provide the clinical substance misuse service for adults/young people in Blackpool, working as part of the Horizon network. We provide end to end treatment and care, including proactive work to address drug related deaths risk with significant success in saving lives. 

We provide a joined up service for young people, delivering in partnership with Connect and the Hub YP services. 

Our responsibility extends to management of the detoxification pathway within the Borough working closely with Horizon partners. This includes the delivery of community detoxification model for all patients requiring detox from drugs and/or alcohol. 

We work in close partnership with recovery providers and have developed a partnership approach with CIC Jobs, Friends & Houses – Delphi Medical provide a health and wellbeing offer to those staff and volunteers, now abstinent who have on-going health and wellbeing needs. We also provide a health and wellbeing service (funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner) for all residents whose tenancies are managed by JFH as part of an integrated tenancy support offer.  

Our Health and Wellbeing Centre, recently completing refurbishment, provides an environment for patients, away from traditional treatment services, where they can address health issues and be proactively involved in positive wellbeing. – these premises are developing over time to provide a range of wellbeing offers – yoga, meditation, facilities for washing clothes etc. as well as high quality clinical facilities for management of clinical need.

Key success have been the development of a pregnancy partnership, naloxone training to partner agencies and as added value,  linking in with the street homeless team to provide a clinical outreach link. We have also been involved with the development and running of a cutting edge pain management service for patients dependent on opioids in conjunction with Blackpool Victoria Hospital, with a dedicated nurse and doctor team.

We are committed to understanding our effectiveness and are proactively involved in research in the Borough, with  the links with JFH  being evaluated by Professor David Best. 

Delphi Wellbeing Centre (‘before’)
Delphi Wellbeing Centre (‘after)


Sefton Treatment and Recovery Service 

Delphi are the clinical providers within the adult substance misuse services in Sefton. Our delivery consists of clinical and health and well being services delivered via a team including nurses, support workers, NMP’s and Doctors. The team work to improve the health of people with substance misuse problems by delivering prescribing and health and well-being provision including - harm reduction, BBV testing and treatment and vaccination, sexual health interventions, smoking cessation advice and referral, diet and lifestyle advice and referral to other partners in the Borough. We work closely with the local hospitals to support the management of people with complex health issues, for example, mental health and long term conditions. 

One of our key achievements during the previous year has been in the expansion of our naloxone programme. We have  trained staff within Bosco House, SEAD Homeless Project, St Katherine’s Hostel Bootle, 10 Church St Southport, DISC and Excel Housing on how to recognise opioid overdose, overdose management, administration of the Naloxone injection and emergency procedures and basic life support. We have  issued over 100 packs in the Borough in the past year and we know some have been used to save lives. 

Primary Medical Services 

Delphi Medical provides Primary Medical Services into HMP Kirkham and HMP Lancaster Farms. We are the GP providers within the establishment, contracted to Lancashire Care NHSFT. Our expertise in substance misuse enables us to provide a fully integrated approach taking into consideration the substance misuse issues for the service user as well as addressing needs in relation to blood borne viruses and broader health needs. 

Training and Consultancy 

Dr John Richmond and Dr Mohammed Aktar are  trainers for the Royal College of General Practice Certificates in substance misuse. Delphi Medical delivers training for staff internally, for partners, and commercially this is available for individuals and organisations. 

We deliver a wide range of clinical training to staff working both within our services, and for stakeholders – this is tailored to suit the needs of the organisation.

We are involved in a range of wider networking events including Pregnancy Partnerships with secondary care providers, the Local Pharmaceutical Committee and the National Caldicott Guardian network.

Medicines Management

Our Medicines Management function is fulfilled via our Head of Medicines Management who has extensive experience working as both a community and prison pharmacist. He has specialist knowledge of working within substance misuse and is a non-medical prescriber.  

Medicines are an essential component of health services and are the most common clinical intervention provided within the NHS. They cost the NHS around £13 billion a year. This means that, second to staff costs, medicines are the biggest single budget expenditure in the NHS. Having a robust medicines management function not only allows Delphi Medical to keep an oversight of our prescribing costs (an essential component of our services) but provides us with opportunities to work with our health colleagues within the CCG’s on new medications, for example, Nalmefene. 

There are a wide range of activities we routinely use to monitor medicines usage and to manage expenditure:


  • monitor usage as part of a regular practice audit
  • monitor expenditure to identify early where budgets may be overspent
  • identify areas for discussion with prescribers


Medicine management within Delphi Medical is not just about reducing costs but focusing on the use of medicines by patients (adherence) and the role that evidence-based prescribing has in supporting new care pathways and treatment models to improve patient outcomes.

Clinical Governance

Following the changes to the way the Care Quality Commission (CQC)  inspect and regulate substance misuse services, we have amended and adapted our procedures to assure ourselves and all stakeholders that we are fully complaint.  

By adopting CQC Standards as our core model of quality assurance, we can assure patients that we deliver a high quality, safe service which respects their dignity and protects their rights. 

Our robust Quality Assurance Framework centres on the following 5 key questions which CQC must satisfy themselves we are compliant with: 


  1. Are we delivering safe services?
  2. Are our services effective?
  3. Do we deliver caring services?
  4. Are we responsive to people’s needs?
  5. Are we well led?


The Delphi SMT (Senior Management Team) is committed to delivering improved outcomes and experience for its service users and continuously monitors the quality of services provided.


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