Should we have a Staff Recognition scheme?

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Maybe I'm turning into a grumpy old man but when someone first mentioned that Delphi should have a staff recognition scheme my first thought was of the little gold stars McDonalds employees wear. In something of a coincidence however the last week has brought a couple of incidents that make me wonder if we should give it some thought.

First off we had last weekends snow (25th January). It's snowed for most of the last week around the country but the North West got an extra large downfall on Friday night. Despite everything staff all over Staffordshire, Greater Manchester and North Lancashire made it into prisons and although it was touch and go in a couple of places not a single prisoner went without medication. We are extremely grateful for all of the dedication everyone showed in order to make this possible. One story however has stood out as notable amongst others.

At HMP Buckley Hall we'd had some problems finding someone available for the Saturday & Sunday dispensing. Johnathan Occleshaw stepped in and offered to be the nurse on duty although his regular prison is HMP Lancaster Farms. As he lives some distance from the prison he set off on Friday night to stay with nearby relatives. Unfortunately, however, a freak heavy fall of snow over a couple of hours actually shut the M6 at 10pm as Johnathan was travelling down meaning that he spent between 10pm and 4am stuck freezing in his car until the motorway was cleared and Johnathan could get on his way.

Too tired to attend for dispensing the next day one of the HMP Buckley Hall regular team, Phil McGinn walked the one and a half hours to the prison to dipense for the Saturday as the roads were impassable. Despite his experience on the Friday night Johnathan then stayed with his relatives to ensure that both the Sunday and Monday dispenses went without a hitch (notwithstanding leaving his partner alone with their very young baby). Dispensing on Monday to give Phil the day off for attending on the Saturday meant that Johnathan missed a long arranged training course. He did this without any hesitation and put the interests of patients before his own.

We had a long discussion on Monday about how fantastic the efforts of our staff had been and how this exemplified the sort of dedication we believe many of our staff feel towards their work. Out of the blue another staff story concerning the development of a new program by a member of staff taking the initiative(which deserves a follow up blog of it's own - check back and I'll cover this in full next time). The suggestion was raised by his manager asking if we had some system of formal recognition of staff excellence.

We'd love to be able to celebrate these stories amongst us, but we also don't want to do anything that could set staff against each other. I'd like to put it out to you all for discussion and comment.

- Have you worked anywhere before where a staff recognition scheme was succesful?

- How would staff take part?

- Who could nominate an individual?

- How could we make sure it was fair?

- Would there be a financial award or is the 'glory' enough?

- How often would we nominate somebody?

I'd be very interested to hear what you all think (email me or post on the forum) and hope we can do something to recognise the fantastic work that we all do.
Huge thanks again to everyone who trudged through the snow and check back again soon and I'll tell you more about the next staff member we'd like to turn the spotlight onto.

Ian Guinan

Yes, good idea, not sure how to answer all questions but can I suggest that perhaps a gift voucher may be a "thank you" to express gratitude and shouldn't cause any staff ill will.

13/02/2013 12:07:00 by Catherine Monkhouse

Recognition is always a good thing, not only for the obvious corporate moral, but when someone goes that extra mile, its always nice to know that one isn't taken for granted. Elements of reward can be contentious, where does what one gets paid for end (is doing a good job is afterall what we are paid to do?) and the exceptional start? Is getting positive feedback from patients/clients/people we work with the top end of what we do and should be striving for, but the exceptional as per the recent incident with Jonathon. should be applauded. For many, doing a oood job and being acknowledged for it is enough, for others, it is just work, and going the extra mile should be rewarded. I've seen schemes where the reward has been flowers, a token for HMV :) etc through to tens of thousands of pounds in shares and other more obviously fiscal in their value. A pat on the back to many is enough but for others a half day pampering session would tick their box. Its a tough call to make when considering the value of work that goes above and beyond the job description, where a reward is merited. Doing good work in my opinion is for assessments and development. The extra mile however, deserves a little extra from those that make the call. My tuppence worth :)

13/02/2013 11:06:00 by Liam O'Leary

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