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I read something early in the week in the Spectator and it made me think (always a good thing!).

He has written a piece to support the concert he did for Red Nose Day and Comic Relief to raise funds for the substance misuse related work they support. He writes eloquently and with feeling about his own personal recovery for the last 10 years and how, even now, at times of emotional pain his mind still turns towards using.

A fuller version of the piece is here and I'd recommend you read it;

Russell Brand: My life without drugs

His final paragraph is the most compelling. He describes that even though compulsion to use is taking over and the plan to use is coming together and he is able to make a phone call;

"I call someone: not a doctor or a sage, not a mystic or a physician, just a bloke like me, another alcoholic, who I know knows how I feel. The phone rings and I half hope he'll just let it ring out. It's 4am in London. He's asleep, he can't hear the phone, he won't pick up. I indicate left, heading to Santa Monica. The ringing stops, then the dry mouthed nocturnal mumble: "Hello. You all right mate?"He picks up.And for another day, thank God, I don't have to."

It serves as a great reminder that whatever treatment clinicians may provide, it is the personal struggle and the support from family, friends and peers that will make the difference in the end.

The Comic Relief concert Russell hosted 'Give It Up' is still online and you can still view it and make donations at the following page;

Give It Up for Comic Relief

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Great piece from Russell Brand for Comic Relief. Shows how vital a peer supporter can be when against it. Links here by @DelphiMedical on 09/03/2013 12:33:13