Why 'Minimum Unit Pricing' for alcohol is so important?

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The Alcohol Health Alliance (an alliance of over 70 health organisations) has launched an e-petition aimed at encouraging the Government to proceed with their promises to bring in minimum pricing for alcohol. As an organisation Delphi Medical supports this campaign and we encourage you to sign up with your support at the following link;

Sign the E-petition 'Minimum unit price for alcohol will save lives'

Alcohol related harm is estimated now to cost £20 Billion, and recent figures have highlighted a 65% increase in alcohol related deaths in the last 20 years.

As David Cameron stated when he made his initial promises to bring in minimum pricing we are faced with alcohol retailing making 'beer cheaper than water'. Alcohol minimum unit pricing (MUP) seeks to redress that balance and makes the price of the drink directly proportionate to the alcohol content. The Government made a clear commitment to bring in MUP in their Alcohol Strategy in March 2012.

Most drinks would not rise from their current prices in pubs, but it would ensure that supermarket promotions of the most damaging high alcohol beverages would be priced according to their potential for harm eg. the 3L bottle of white cider or the anonymous 1L bottles of spirits.

The proposal would see prices of alcohol set so that they could be no cheaper than 50p per unit. A similar policy in Canada showed a 10% increase in minimum price resulted in a 33% reduction in alcohol related deaths.

Around half of all crime and 40% of all domestic violence cases are related to alcohol. It has been estimated that the proposed 50p MUP could reduce alcohol related crimes by 40,000 per year.

The AHA has written to the Prime Minister and urged him not to "falter at this late stage" and "to put health and lives first".

The British Medical Association in particular has backed the drive to support this measure. See their website also;

BMA Support for Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing

Help us urge the Government not to backtrack, follow the e-petition link above and sign the petition to let the Government know how wrong it would be to give in to alcohol industry pressure.

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