A student nurse insight into the Delphi Sefton Team

Posted in: Delphi tribe by Emma Knape on 11 March 2015
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A big thankyou to Kiera for the lovely letter and cake sent to the Delphi Sefton team.....


"To all the fabulous staff at Delphi,  

I just wanted to write this letter to inform you of how honoured I feel to have been able to work with the Sefton Delphi team.

I am a student nurse from Edge Hill University in my first year of mental health nursing, were Delphi has been my first placement whilst out on practice. I have worked with the team over the last three months and sadly leave on Thursday.

I have met many people throughout my life of doing care work but the Delphi team has been a different experience for me. Before coming to Delphi I was very nervous at the prospect at what I would be met with. After one day of placement those worries had gone and I was so excited to get back the next day. From the first day to my enduring last day, I have been excited to get back to Delphi.

I have never been made to feel so welcome by people and by the end of the first week I felt like I’ve known the team for years. They have taught me with such enthusiasm and given me so much knowledge about the service. The team have encouraged me to be confident and ask questions when I feel a bit puzzled and most of all made me laugh and enjoy the job.

I am now competent in so many more areas thanks to the Delphi staff. I now feel confident and knowledgeable in drug and alcohol use, medication use, health assessments, the importance of documentation and BBV screening. It is a great confidence boost for the team to be able to trust me to assess clients. 

I wanted to write this letter to thank the team for being so accommodating and teaching me everything I know. I couldn’t have asked for a better first placement and feel even more certain about my chosen career. Nurses are given such low recognition and not given the acknowledgment they deserve so I wanted to give Delphi the recognition they deserve.

You should be very proud of the team you have who are now very much role models for me in the future. I have now left making some brilliant friends and positive memories.  

Thanks again to all the amazing Sefton team."