Does gender impact on the response to treatment?

Posted in: 5 Ways To Wellbeing, Alcohol, Drugs by John Richmond on 19 June 2013
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Our initial survey into the link between feelings of wellbeing and the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment has already thrown up some interesting challenges to traditional thinking. Specifically, early indications of significant differences in how people respond to treatment based on their gender.

Interestingly, women from the user group sample displayed considerably higher wellbeing scores than women from the general population, a situation that is reversed for men.
It seems, therefore, that women find treatment particularly effective at boosting wellbeing, whereas men find it harder to rebuild wellbeing whilst in recovery from addiction.
These early findings will be a key focus for further study as the programme expands, asking how treatment might be better tailored to address these possible gender differences. Fascinating stuff indeed!
Read our initial findings here. An updated report will be published at the end of the year following additional study.