Lancaster University among those looking sight loss and substance use

Posted in: by John Richmond on 29 July 2013
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I recently read with interest of the commissioning of a number of Universities including Lancaster, to undertake some exploratory research around substance use and sight loss. Commissioned by the Thomas Pocklington Trust and Alcohol Research UK, the Universities will be undertaking some exploratory research into substance use and sight loss. The project is particularly interested in gaining a better understanding of the prevalence and experiences of those people living with a combination of both conditions, as well as the nature of the service provision available.

From Delphi’s perspective as an independent provider of drug and alcohol clinical treatment, this is particularly interesting as the findings of the project are expected to hopefully inform and shape future policy, research, service developments and support for those working within these areas.

The researchers are looking to hear from service users, carers, practitioners or any organisation who has specific experience of working with the duality of these subjects and who might have information or experiences they might wish to share. The contact for the study is Wulf Livingston, Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Glynd r University, Wrexam. He can be contacted on 01978 293 471 .

I certainly look forward to reading the initial results of the study over the coming months.