More evidence to suggest gender influences treatment

Posted in: by John Richmond on 5 July 2013
Tagged with: 5 Ways To Wellbeing

Following on from our initial study into gaining a better understanding of the potential relationship between wellbeing and treatment, we have now completed a further round of evaluation. This time around, the survey sample is made up of a female only prison population of 67 people who are currently receiving treatment for addiction.

This group was provided with the same questionnaire as previously used in our earlier studies and contains 14 statements, for which respondents were asked to choose from 5 responses that best describe their state-of-mind over the last two weeks.

The five possible responses are allocated a point value of between 1 and five points. The maximum score in the survey is 70 and the higher the score the greater feeling of wellbeing an individual is feeling. The mean question score from these latest results was 43 out of 70 (3.07 out of 5).

This average score of 43 compares with and is actually slightly higher than the results provided from our earlier male prison population study, baring out our earlier findings which strongly suggested that the wellbeing of women seems to be particularly boosted by treatment.

Of the 67 women surveyed, 31 returned scores below the average with 36 returning scores above the average. The major influencing factor to these higher than average scores was the individual's sense of optimism, worth and control which treatment seems to be providing.

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