Patient Centred Leadership

Posted in: Core Values, Noble Cause by John Richmond on 9 July 2013
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The King's Fund have produced a report looking at the future of leadership within the NHS. What I am struck by is how closely this report mirrors our own aspirations within Delphi. It is called 'Patient Centred Leadership' and caught my eye because it is one of our core values!
The key findings are:

"The leadership of the NHS at a national level needs to create conditions in which local organisations have the freedom to deliver consistently high standards of care and where the needs of patients come first.
The quality of care provided by NHS organisations should, first and foremost, be a corporate responsibility under the leadership of boards, who must lead by example by focusing on the quality and safety of care.
Leaders need to value and support front line staff and ensure the main focus is on patients and their care.
Leadership development should give priority to supporting leaders at all levels to be patient-centred and to ensure that staff have the time and resources required to deliver high-quality care.
Patient leaders should work alongside NHS leaders to support the transformation called for in the Francis Inquiry report."

They also highlight some policy implications:

"The NHS at national level must shift the predominant organisational culture from one focused on meeting externally imposed standards and targets to one in which NHS leaders and frontline clinical teams are committed to improving care and putting patients' needs first, working together to access the support they need to do so.

NHS organisations must abandon the traditional individualistic model of leadership and embrace a leadership style that is shared, distributed and adaptive. Board members in particular are responsible for setting the tone for their organisational culture, and should do more to actively seek and listen to the views of patients, governors, commissioners and staff."

I think we are working hard at Delphi on this last point and our emphasis on our noble cause and core values, and our engagement with each other, our partners and our patients through the lens of these is our greatest strength. This is the gift that keeps on giving and is a virtuous circle that will transport us to wherever we want to go, and some.

The full report can be found here: