Meditation.... (By John Richmond)

Posted in: 5 Ways To Wellbeing, Noble Cause, Staff by Emma Knape on 14 July 2014
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A lot of blogs seem to start with - it's been a busy week. So I think I'll start with that as well. But, what I want to talk about is what we could be doing to help us deal with busy weeks/days/hours/minutes. Some of you may know that I have been practicing meditation for about 18 months now and it has been an interesting journey. The current regime I am on is all about creativity and involves trying to concentrate on the idea of spaciousness, lightness, and brightness whilst allowing other thoughts to come and go. I find I have had solutions arise out of nowhere doing this practice.
One of the things that is recommended, which I am just about to do, is to 'flash' that feeling of lightness, spaciousness etc. for 30seconds or so several times a day. .....There, done that now.
The thing is that this feeling is available at any time and can also be reproduced by looking into the blue sky or a wide open vista - or just imagining those things.The feeling is, in fact, ever present and it is our thoughts, worries and obsessions with other things that block that feeling rather than it not being there at all.
Have you noticed that you can be thinking about a solution to something but it is not until you stop that process, when you are in the shower or cleaning your teeth, that an answer pops into your head.
This is central to meditative practice, that we are uncovering innate qualities that we all share and the practice is about quietening the mind to allow them to shine through.So, back to busy weeks, what we have had this week is lots of opportunities come our way. Two of which have been outside agencies asking us to partner up for new business.This is nice to have and flattering and also a little difficult to turn down without seeming ungrateful in some way. However, we are planning to get serious about strategy.
That means we are going to be considering what it is we are reaching for and then setting the projects in motion to reach that goal.And for now that means focusing on that and not being distracted.
I am certain that by this process we can dig deeper into our values and raise the standard of substance misuse treatment to new heights.If you are interested in guided meditations I cannot recommend highly enough.