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Posted in: Core Values, Delphi tribe, Noble Cause, Staff by John Richmond on 2 August 2013
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Following a recent 'Dephi Day' where all staff were invited to The Mill at Stone, Staffordshire, we've had some extremely positive feedback from those who attended with one message in particular standing out as a testimony to our mission as an organisation and to the culture we are striving to develop and grow amongst our Delphi tribe.

During what turned out to be a thoroughly good and worthwhile day, we talked about our history, our values and noble cause (which we continue strive to keep central to everything we do), as well as our plans for the future.

We also discussed and explored what was not going so well and how we could make changes to address these issues. In closing we focused on the successes we've been enjoying based around our mission of "Not just to raise the standard of our work but to inspire those we work with to better achieve their potential. This is our 'noble cause' and we strongly believe that this crystallises our strengths as an organisation."

You can imagine my pleasure then when I was passed the following message from Lisa at Stafford, whose feedback which clearly shows what we do is inspiring those we work with to better achieve their potential.

"Just wanted to email you to say I think today has been great. I will bore you with why!

So! I've worked for the NHS previously to starting with Delphi for 11 years. Not that long I know but it's been my only employer since graduating so it was all I knew.

There are many differences working for Delphi, but the main ones are how personable it feels. I know you actually care how the staff feel and your support over an unsettled time has been so consistent and warm and I'm very grateful. My mantra of "it will be fine" must of bored you as much as it did my husband and probably tammy!

In my 10 years of working for a huge mental health trust in London (WLMHT) I never met or would even recognise any medical directors or director of nursing. It still amuses me now that I am actually able to contact you directly!

Working for Delphi has made me more accountable and far more aware of my own responsibility in providing a better service to our client base and a higher performance for the team.

Anyway, feel free to forward this email on to anybody that may be interested in the rant of a recovery nurse!

Until I see you again I will be working on our Gold Star promotion in Stafford!

A good day indeed!