Supporting the call for more drugs LESs

Posted in: Core Values, Drugs by John Richmond on 17 August 2013
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The continuing discussion regarding the call for more drugs LESs reminded me of an interesting article written by Sofia Lind in Pulse back in January this year.

 As I'm sure most of us recognise, Local Enhanced Services have been the mainstay of addiction shared care services, making sure that patients with substance misuse problems have a level of service at their local GP surgery.

With the changing face of service delivery post-April 2013, these LESs are under threat and with the focus of CCG's likely to be under strain with the more familiar treatments of heart and lung disease, cancer and the like, there is a real danger that substance misuse services will slip beneath the radar resulting in loss of skills and a rolling back of the advances that have been made.

As you might imagine, I'm right up there with the GPC in hoping that the powers that be see the sense in funding more drugs LESs.