Blackpool!! (By John Richmond)

Posted in: by Emma Knape on 1 August 2014
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Last week I was blogging about what an unsettling and unsatisfying process bidding for contracts was and how they were only ever any good when you were successful. I was writing that at a time when I was pretty sure we had just been unsuccessful.

Well guess what? We were successful!

Delphi Medical are proud to be a part of the Horizon Treatment System in Blackpool starting on the 1st of September. We will be working with our partners FCMS to deliver the clinical part of the service ensuring safe and effective prescribed treatment for our patients with substance misuse problems including alcohol.

Other elements of the service will be delivered by ADS, responsible for recovery co-ordination and psychosocial interventions, and Renaissance, responsible for harm minimisation, needle exchange, outreach and non-clinical sexual health services.

ADS and Renaissance are already delivering elements of this service and we are the new kids on the block however we are in fact coming home to an area that was the birth place of Delphi Medical back in 2007 when we first started delivering services to Young People and working with The Hub. We are so excited.

It is an extremely short lead in period to contract start so we are going to be working our socks off for the next four weeks to ensure a seamless transition for patients and staff, working closely with our partners, Public Health and the outgoing providers.

We have a number of innovations that we are bringing to the service that we are also very excited about not least of which will be a far greater focus on the recovery of the patient rather than the mechanics of their prescription. A push towards increased patient responsibility with a focus on a shared risk management approach rather than a disempowering risk aversion policy. We believe our patients are just like other patients with a particular disease and should be treated with the same amount of respect.

We are also very excited to be introducing Patients Know Best to our Blackpool patients which is a system that allows patient held notes. This will revolutionise the sharing of medical information and start to build much more robust systems of communication between professionals to deliver the best care in as open a manner as possible. Another great innovation to encourage patient empowerment and we are the first substance misuse service to be using this system anywhere in the world.

Finally, our main job over the coming months is to build our Delphi team in Blackpool. For us this is job number one as we know the staff we are going to be taking on are dedicated to delivering the best care to their patients (they really wouldn't be there otherwise) and it is our job to make sure they are happy in that work - if they are not happy at work how will they be able to be the best for their patients? For us that means sharing our vision of what we are doing and why; showing how our core values govern all we do; and that if people live and breath them Delphi Medical will support them wholeheartedly. We have a fantastic team of people all over England that are going to be rooting for our new Blackpool staff and smiling to themselves at what a great surprise they are in for where their voices will be heard, their opinions will be valued and they are finally going to be doing the work and delivering the results they have always wanted.