Delphi Day... (By Sefton team member Daniel Duncan)

Posted in: Delphi tribe, Staff by Emma Knape on 4 August 2014
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The Delphi Day began as it meant to go on, as hot and dry as a Karon Brown motivational speech. The Sefton team met at their Bootle base at 0845 sharp. An air of expectation hung in the air, their bacon sandwiches were ordered for 0900.

Breakfast was consumed as if the Delphi core value of sustainability never existed. It was then time to exhibit stunning multitasking skills to combine orientating their bank nurse to his new environment with a last minute presentation dress rehearsal fraught with diva tantrums that would have made Shirley Bassey blush.

The bus journey to the Staffordshire seat of learning was uneventful. A guess the year radio quiz tested the teams mettle. Lyndsey knew it with a song by Gabrielle, Daniel by the Spin Doctors and Michael by Google Search. This team were going places. If they werent the bus driver was going to have to answer some pretty tricky questions later on.

So we arrived at the Staffordshire hotel. Refusing to be distracted by the tantalising octogenarians populating the pool area we continued upstairs to be greeted by Laura and Mel, twin alluring visions who with their radiant smiles and beautiful countenances were almost as gorgeous as Colin thinks he is.

A buffet was offered before us. Pre-presentation, some were too nervous to do more than nibble. Or at least they claimed they were too nervous, their mountainous plates providing a worthy counter argument, although Daniel maintained his lunchtime pescetarianism, albeit with a side order of roasted pork.

Sophie welcomed us all and once again reiterated how much she loves working for Delphi. She neednt have bothered. As always she shone with an enthusiasm that could have motivated men down a mineshaft after a canary funeral.

Then came the presentations. HMP Featherstone with a delicate reworking of a hip hop classic set a benchmark and with it hearts into a state of panicked admiration and respect. Every presentation was unique. Each team put their own twist on the tribal leadership theme and we were rewarded with a dazzling myriad showcase of Delphi abilities and values.

Some services were presented by ten people, some by just one. Some had months and weeks to prepare, some weeks or days. In Jims case it was quite a bit less but he responded in the Delphi manner, cool under pressure and with a touch of class. Dr Ashley did a solo performance too, his explanation of African tribal cultures captivating his audience with an interactive presentation that involved the female Delphi members simultaneously bouncing up and down. God bless that man.

Then came a guided meditation by John. As a group we fell under his spell as he asked us to close our eyes and observe what our minds could reveal. Inadequate air conditioning seemed to be a recurring theme.

The guided meditation soothed us. The group moved from adrenalin fuelled energy to an air of almost Zen like quality in a matter of minutes. The mood had changed. It was time for tea and cake.

Mick from Bad Camera took the opportunity to take some aerial photos of the team. With an impressive zeal that would have had Health and Safety officers reaching for their heart pills, Mick leaned out of the window and ensure he captured the perfect shot.

Next came Peter and Colin from Red Rose Recovery who gave a presentation which was both moving and insightful. They enlightened us to some of the innovative approaches that they are currently using in their service but most of all impressed with their absolute passion for their vocation and it was a joy to behold. It was incredibly heartening to know we are in partnership with another organisation who embraces the same attitude, moral compass and principles that Delphi seek to maintain throughout their services.

But there was no time to reflect as John then revealed his vest and Colin dressed as a P.E. teacher to display the Delphi seven minute workout to the group. They sought volunteers. Liam and Lyndsey hardly broke a sweat, Lyndsey in particular created a side plank of such geometrical precision it would have made Pythagoras cry. Unfortunately most of the crowd were too busy attempting to look up Colins shorts to notice.

Almost at the conclusion Suzy conducted a game of Delphi Bingo. It turned out Dr Emma was a vegetarian, Karons middle name was Ann and Mel had size 4 feet. Any potential stalkers in the audience had been given a potentially valuable head start.

The Sefton team won with their presentation. They were very happy with the result although not as happy as their bus driver, their win preventing several diva induced broken windows on the journey home.

It is a good sign when the topic of conversation on the way home is all about next years Delphi Day. Who needs Christmas anyway? 

Daniel Duncan