Getting Things Done... (By John Richmond)

Posted in: Delphi tribe by Emma Knape on 29 August 2014
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Wow, what a stressful time getting ready for Blackpool. It reinforces for me the importance of getting everything into your to do list manager. At times when work becomes overwhelming and it is just not possible to think what to do I simply return to my to do list and do the next action.

What often happens is that other things get in the way because lots of people want to talk, email or I want to do those things and you end up down a warren of worry wondering where is the clarity in all this - and I just go back to my to do list and start again. All very reassuring. What is so important though is that your to do list must have all your tasks on it, because in this state, if it doesn't, it simply won't happen.

I personally use the Getting Things Done system by David Allen and it is a life saver, in conjunction with omnifocus on my ipad and iphone, there is incredible power to get above the crashing seas and swoop about picking up fish as they.....this isn't really working, anyhow you get my drift. There's nothing like a bit of organisation to make our busy lives a whole lot easier.