Values made real

Posted in: Core Values, Delphi tribe, Staff by John Richmond on 25 October 2013
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Melanie Taylor joined Delphi Medical just over 12 months ago
after spending 13 years working in the Prison and Civil Service where mission,
vision and value statements were, as is often the case, nothing more than
impersonal words backed by little substance or belief.

Mel could have been excused then if she came to Delphi
believing that this again would be the case. She couldn't have been more wrong.
From her first contact with the company, Delphi's values were made all the more
real by the way John and Ian brought them to life during her induction, reinforcing her belief that here was an organisation that shared her own personal values and work ethic.

As she says "to have any meaning and impact, a brand's values need to be heart of everything a company does and at all levels of customer and staff interaction. They need to remain a constant even when
priorities shift and business focus changes. If they also reflect an individual's own values they can be an incredibly powerful and empowering tool within the workplace, shaping both personal and corporate behaviours for the good."

Mel is proud to wear Delphi's values on her sleeve and project them through her job role. They provide an invaluable asset when sometimes having to find solutions to challenging situations whilst working with patients, partners and other staff members.

Values provide clarity, focus and direction, they help shape company policy and the working environment helping to ensure that quality and standards are maintained.

Mel has loved her first year as operations manager with Delphi and believes passionately that her experience and the company as a whole has been made all the better because of the values it measures itself against, providing a working environment where she feels valued, listened to and supported.

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