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Rise in prescriptions issued to treat alcohol dependency makes for alarming reading

The 73% rise in prescriptions to treat alcohol dependency in England over the last decade makes alarming reading and highlights the fact that providing access to drugs without the necessary help that people need does not support effective recovery. The figures provided by Health and Social Ca...

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Why 'Minimum Unit Pricing' for alcohol is so important?

The Alcohol Health Alliance (an alliance of over 70 health organisations) has launched an e-petition aimed at encouraging the Government to proceed with their promises to bring in minimum pricing for alcohol. As an organisation Delphi Medical supports this campaign and we encourage you to sign up ...

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Do shock tactics work?

Imagine the scene. A person worse for whatever they've had that evening slumbers on the last bus home. A stranger creeps up to them, carefully avoiding waking them, and slips something around their wrist. They stealthily move onto the next 'victim' who is snoring down the aisle...........  ...

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Thoughts on Russell Brand's recovery account

I read something early in the week in the Spectator and it made me think (always a good thing!). He has written a piece to support the concert he did for Red Nose Day and Comic Relief to raise funds for the substance misuse related work they support. He writes eloquently and with feeling about hi...

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Why has cirrhosis increased so much in the UK?

You may have seen the reports in the press this week detailing how the UK has fallen from 1990 to 2010 in league tables of comparing the nations health with other countries. Even though our overall life expectancy has increased by over 4 years, we have far worse figures for premature death in the ...

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