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Delphi Launches Wellbeing Survey

Date Posted - 14th June 2013

Delphi is undertaking an innovative survey into the link between feelings of wellbeing and the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment.


Our surveys will track the experiences of patients in treatment for addiction and examine links between a person’s sense of wellbeing (or happiness) and how effectively they manage to achieve and sustain abstinence from drugs or alcohol.


It will measure 14 different aspects of wellbeing including feelings of optimism, usefulness, confidence, cheerfulness and how the person is relating to others around them.


John Richmond, medical director at Delphi Medical, believes the outcomes of the study could help make drug treatment more effective.


"It is our belief, based on years of experience, that boosting a person’s sense of wellbeing is a crucial to successful treatment for drug and alcohol addiction,” explains John. "Put simply, the happier someone feels the better able they are to manage without drugs or alcohol.


"However, there has been little research carried out to understand how the two are linked or to look at how measuring aspects of wellbeing might be used to tailor treatment to be more effective.


"Our aim with this study is to better understand this area and create strategies that help more people within treatment to achieve and sustain abstinence in the long term.”


An updated report will be published at the end of the year. 


The initial report is available to read and download here.


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